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With our fixed accessories, you can create endless storage possibilities


  • Tower Rack Set—Cut from whole wood strips, strong enough and long enough to hang towels and other items. Includes two standard wooden sticks (1.5*12cm/0.59"*4.72") and one towel hanging stick (30cm/11.81").

  • Middle Pallet Rack Set—The whole cut template is paired with two perfectly adapted wooden sticks with a special added groove design. The laminate will be very stable on the sticks. The length of 30CM will be very suitable for placing keys or small ornaments, etc.


  • Long Pallet Rack Set—To meet your more possibilities, the 40cm pure wood shelf was born. You can totally put plants or your coffee pot on it.


  • Vertical Wooden Frame—We certainly know you have a love for frames, so this 37 * 21cm wooden frame you can totally choose. Our design philosophy is that whether you put it horizontally or vertically, it will match perfectly.


  • E-Set—Small shelf and medium shelf with more storage and placement. Round matchsticks, great for hanging coats, hats, etc.


  • F-Set—Includes small medium and large pallet rack, plus 6 matchsticks and 8 wooden sticks. The places you can apply are greatly enhanced. You can easily apply it to include TV wall, kitchen shelf or even balcony plant shelf.


  • G-Set—Grand slam set transfer. If you have a large pegboard area, I believe the G set is perfectly fine for you.

(Because most of the products are made by hand, there will inevitably be a little size tolerance)

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